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"Gezentsvey wrote the solo play for her actor daughter Yael and you can see her love for her family pour out of her on stage... she strikes an instant rapport with her audience and holds that bond throughout the hour...  she has the qualities we’ve seen on stage from Madelaine Sami... Yael plays a dozen characters, switching without need for costume or set changes, and she does so with the deft direction of James Hadley and such panache that you soon forget and feel you are indeed part of a family scene."



"It's no wonder the compelling and well-paced script won the stage play award in last year's Moondance International Festival; in just 60 minutes members of the audience swing between amusement and tears as they watch the protagonists wrestle with their emotions, family traditions and the idiosyncrasies of the Kiwi way of life in the 1980s... what really makes it a ''must see'' is the performance by Desiree's daughter Yael of all 12 characters... wry humour and Yael's talent make this a memorable night out."



"What makes this production so remarkable is that it is all told by one person.  Yael Gezentsvey, the writer's daughter and a very accomplished actor, and under the expert direction of James Hadley, takes on the roles of the various family members with consummate ease, fluidly moving from one character to another... There are many comic lines in the play which Gezentsvey delights in regaling the audience with but there are also heartfelt and poignant moments of genuine grief that immigrants feel in adjusting to a new life in a new land giving the piece depth and colour... one hour solo performance well worth seeing."



"A play that deserves to become the talk of the fringe... a beautiful and poised piece that takes a heartfelt look at very complex ideas... rich in humour, emotion and pathos. A charming, sometimes dark, always entertaining exploration of what it means to be a migrant in a foreign world. The sheer skill and talent in Yael Gezentsvey’s performance is mind-boggling... her talent and the well written script take precedence with no smoke and mirrors... Intriguing... witty... a warm, friendly, and touching insight into one of the most difficult and least covered issues in the world today”



"Intricate writing and beautiful voices... Yael Gezentsvey seamlessly slips from character to character to create a vivid family dynamic...a thoroughly engaging story... just lovely."



“The script (by Desirée Gezentsvey), written with heart, tragedy and a fair balance of true comedy, is remarkable. It veers between calamity and wit so deftly, and the characters are so well drawn, it feels and rings so true… personal and raw, emotional… Yael Gezentsvey is a uniquely talented actor… her real skill lies in her ability to embody the roles so completely, with the type of abandon one associates with a far more experienced, older actor… A riveting performance…”



“Nuclear Family is both witty and moving and the themes represented are particularly relevant in today’s society… Captures the audience with comedy and depth… Nuclear Family is wonderfully engaging and the audience is entertained until the curtain falls. An exceptional piece of theatre not to be missed!”



“Nuclear Family is a very welcomed migrant to the shores of the Fringe… gentle, humorous… A tour-de-force performance from actor Yael Gezentsvey.”



“Multidimentional. A deft script… A fine all-round performance – tender, humorous, realistic – certainly deserving of the audience’s sustained applause.”